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Huazhu Hotels Group, the fastest growing multi-brand hotel group in China, today announced that it has entered into a strategic alliance with AccorHotels. Huazhuan, China's largest hotel operator and one of the world's fastest growing and largest hotel groups, today announced that it has completed the transaction and strategic agreement for an alliance of Acc orHotel. In addition to acquiring a majority stake in Accors, they also sealed a comprehensive, long-term alliance, creating the first-ever strategic partnership between an international hotel company and a global hotel chain.

The brands of China Lodging Group include Huazhu Hotels Group, the world's largest multi-brand hotel group, and Hante Hotel Group. These properties are part of the Accor - Huzhu partnership, which has led to the opening of over 200 hotels in China. HuZhu's hotel brands cover a wide range of hotels, from luxury hotels to luxury resorts, making the group a perfect partner for acc or hotel. Accors will also act as a strategic partner for eight brands, including hotels and resorts in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong and Guangzhou.

Huazhu has a strong track record in developing and operating hotels and resorts in China. The company has also behaved responsibly in the management and management of its assets and debts.

The existing Accor hotels in China will continue to benefit from the additional support provided by Huazhu and operate at their current facilities - the. Accor will continue to lead the development of its portfolio of hotels and resorts in the United States, including Sofitel Pullman and MGallery Sebel.

Luoyang has a wide range of accommodation, from cheap to luxurious, and those looking for a little more comfort will find something that suits their needs. Backpackers can choose from a number of hostels in the city, but you will find great accommodation in Luoyang for a few hundred yuan per night.

The Longmen Grottoes are one of the top tourist attractions in Luoyang that you should include in your Luoysang itinerary, no matter how long or short your visit. There is also a zoo of its own, but I urge you not to visit it, as zoos in China can be notoriously bad for animals. You may also need to use VPN China to browse websites you like, such as Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

If you are serious about hiking, you should consider staying in the nearby city of Dengfeng, but to get the most out of the city, I would recommend spending at least two or three days in Luoyang. Many people come only to see the Longmen Grottoes and the Shaolin Temple, and both can be easily done on a day trip to Luoysang! Although it is not on the main tourist trail for foreign visitors, you can still taste authentic Chinese life and learn more about the culture, history and culture of China, its culture and traditions.

If you want to try some of Luoyang's street food, head to Food Street, which borders the Old Town. Here you can try everything from ice cream to scorpion sticks, and there are food stalls serving great grilled specialties. If you don't want to try the water banquet, there is a wide selection of other wonderful dishes, including pork, beef, chicken, lamb, pork and even pork ribs.

In midsummer, it might be better to take a trip to Luoyang National Park, a popular tourist attraction in the city. From the cash desk it is a 3 km long footpath to a pleasant entrance, and you can enjoy the entrance (climb the gate) below for free. From there you have to climb another gate, but there is another entrance that you climb through the gate to reach a free ascent down.

By joining forces, we can foster growth and attract more customers to our expanding network, "said Ji Qi. Ji said that Deutsche Hospitality will initialize its presence in the region by providing Huazhu with access to the Luoyang China Accor Hotel and its hotel network. There was a valuation of 17.5 times based on the $777 million acquisition, but Zhang said that with the growth of the business, we expect the multiple to drop to about 10 times or about $10 per time in three years.

When you explore Luoyang, you will see why I recommend you visit, and you will easily discover some of the best places to see and do extraordinary things in Luoysang. There are no UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Luyang, but there are some popular tourist attractions. If for any reason you visit a place where Buddhism was introduced, you should look at the place like the Great Wall of China.

Most parks, which are normally free, charge a small fee during the festival, between 20 and 30 RMB ($5) for a smaller fee. While Wangcheng Park is one of the best places to see the beauty in full bloom, events are held at the park's main attractions on weekends from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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More About Luoyang